Friday, September 3, 2010

Acupuncture treatment for increasing height. Instructions for the patient.

Acupuncture treatment for increasing height.
Instructions for the patient.

My GURU Prof Dr Anton Jayasuriya formulated the treatment for height increase. It is definite treatment and it works.
I have treated more than 800 patients so far with good to very good results. The age of youngest child is just 2 years; the oldest is 72 years old. There are many in range of 12 to 16 years. Most of patients I get are in between age of 18 to 26.
I like very much to treat patients of age around 40 years to 50 years, as the increase in height here is dramatically faster. While younger ones take longer to increase in height.
Overall increase in height is minimum half centimeter. The most increase in height is more than 45 centimeters.
The increase in height may happen in a short period of six months or it may happen beyond six months. How an individual patient will react cannot be predicted.
Please remember that “how soon and how much height will increase” cannot be predicted. Thus we cannot give guarantee of any kind.
The fee for height increase treatment is fixed and there is no discount or reduction in fee. The fee has to be paid in advance. You must remember that there is no guarantee of any kind.
The fee money is to be paid in advance. No refund. No return.
The fee is for 3 treatments given in period of one to two hours. The fee for such set of 3 treatments is US $ 500. (Five hundred us dollars) for patients coming from other countries, NIRs, & patients of foreign origin.
The fee for patients coming from any part of India is Rs. 12000.
The treatment is same as shown in my demonstration videos uploaded in healersupreme channel of
In many many patients the first treatment may cause dramatic increase in height. There may be half to one-centimeter increase within 3 minutes or less. It may not happen in all patients.
The treatment activates the height increasing mechanism. It is permanently activated and there is no need to do it again and again.
The needles we use are sterile disposable type. For aqua acupuncture we use sterile and disposable syringe and needle set.
This is out patient department procedure done in clinic. The procedure is not done in Operation Theater.
During the treatment there may be a few drops of bleeding. Slight pain of needle going in will be felt.
There are no complications, reactions or untoward side effects from this treatment.
You will take treatment on your own risk. Keeping in mind that there is no guarantee of any kind.

Alternately I can send you a booklet of instructions with detailed instruction of how to do this procedure with help of 1) a doctor or 2) Acupuncturist or 3) Goldsmith or 4) a nurse or 5) body piercing artist or 6) a brave friend.
The cost of such book will be 500 US dollars. There will be a video showing the procedure. This will be in form of teaching.
In all cases there is no guarantee of any kind.
You can send me the money by western union. (Dr. Prakash Verekar, Nasik India)
Or deposit it in my account of HDFC bank, if you have the facility.
Email me and tell me what you want. There is no guarantee of any kind. I have researched a lot and came up with these solutions. I am offering them in good faith. It is upto you to decide whether to go for this treatment or not.


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